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10 Wooster delivers personalized sets of designer clothing you can borrow and buy from.

For $95/month, wear five new pieces at a time. 


How it Works


Step 1: Take Our Style Quiz

Take our 5-minute quiz to help our stylists select pieces for you. The more information you give us, the better we can find pieces that fit your body type and style. 


Step 2: Wear Your Box

Within 5-7 days, you will receive a box of 5 designer pieces curated just for you. Enjoy your box for as long as you want.  


Step 3: Buy What You Love

All items in your box can be purchased. Just keep the pieces you want to buy and we will charge your card on file. A price list is included in each box. Most of our prices are 50% to 75% lower than retail.


Step 4: Return When Ready

Return the rest when ready for a new set. Use the bag with prepaid postage inside your box and drop off in a USPS box - or schedule a pickup here.

Subscriber Love: 

I love the box!! Everything fit great. The two Kooples tops are super cute...I haven’t worn full lace shirts before so I’m excited to try them with some denim.
— Andrea, New York
Just shipped the dress back in the mail today. I LOVED it and got so many compliments!!
— Sophie, New York
YES! Love it. I was so pleasantly surprised by all the amazing goodies inside. And loved the lavender touch :)
— Lindsay, San Francisco

Frequently Asked Questions

What brands should I expect in my box? 

Each box is filled with a mix of luxury and contemporary fashion designers like The Kooples, Carven, Alexis, Derek Lam 10 Crosby, Helmut Lang, Faithfull The Brand, For Love & Lemons and The Jetset Diaries.  


What if I don’t like anything in my box? 

We like to send styles you are happy with. Contact our stylists at concierge@10Wooster.com to tell them what isn’t working and what you would like to see. 


What if I want to cancel or hold my subscription? 

Cancelation is easy and there is no commitment. Cancel or put your plan on hold any time by contacting concierge@10wooster.com


What if I return my box late? 

There is no penalty for returning your box late. However, you must return your pieces - or purchase them - to receive a new set. You will be charged the same each month whether you hold onto your box or swap it for a new one.


What if I want to return my box early? 

We send you a new box once we receive your previous one, so returning early means you’ll get your next box sooner.  


What if I want to purchase something in my box? 

Just leave it out of the box when returning and we will charge your card on file. If you want to purchase everything in your box, send us an email so we don’t delay sending your next one. 


What if an item gets lost or damaged? 

All items are insured against normal wear-and-tear, but we reserve the right to charge the purchase price for extreme neglect or damages. Lost or unreturned items will be treated as a purchase.


What if I have one or multiple events I need to dress up for? 

Send an email to our stylists at concierge@10wooster.com and tell them about your events and the dress code. They can send you a dress for the occasion.



Not interested in a subscription? Contact us at concierge@10wooster.com to inquire about individual rentals.